Last update: 25/12/2021

Crewbooking was born from the desire of Laurent Hirtz, founder of Crewbooking, to reconcile family and professional life.

As a young dad and Video Project Manager at the time, multiple calls from clients seeking to know his availability led him to create the first version of what would become Crewbooking: "See if I'm available before calling me!"

Shared with his colleagues, it will quickly be used by more than 500 Crews.

In 2017, the Crewbooking project takes shape, a company is created. Manu Piton, Crewbooking's CTO, joins the project.

Crewbooking is therefore a planning tool for companies, connected with Crews, its use is developing well.

In 2019, Cedric Huet, Sébastien Rensonnet and Arnaud Claes (each of them with a similar concept in mind) join Crewbooking as Partner. Louis Van De Leest is also joining forces. All of them are experienced professionals operating in the broad entertainment industry.

Internationalization and diversification are progressing, with the needs appearing to be similar in different sectors.

In 2020, The Covid, the halt, time for reflection.

The needs for Crews are collapsing, exchanges on the platform are sharply decreasing.

The time is for questioning. How to allow the Crews to keep in touch, how to prepare for the recovery?

From this reflection was born "Community", the desire being to allow as much interaction as possible between the players in our sector.

The long months follow, from hoped for recovery to postponed recovery. In the meantime, the project is taking shape, features are gradually being added: the CV Box, Missions, My team ... and many more.

The ambition is clear: to participate in improving the resilience and efficiency of our sector.

The pandemic year 2021 is basically a year of maturation,

Didier Streel comes to lend a hand to support development and particularly internationally as Managing Partner.

Financial consolidation, translation into 6 languages, deployment of a network of Ambassadors, increasingly sophisticated features.

September 2021, recovery, Crewbooking confirms its ability to help companies in their search for new Crews and in the management of their teams, the tool appeals to all players in our industry.

The growth of the community is accelerating impressively, and so too is the number of businesses.

The future looks bright, but we still have to work to achieve the goal:

Make Crewbooking the essential global platform to facilitate interactions between the different actors of the Cultural and Creative Industry.

This goal is within our reach, the involvement of each of you is part of it!

The Crewbooking team

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