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Last update: 25/12/2021

1. Introduction

Crewbooking is aimed at professionals from the cultural and creative sector. Crewbooking operates an online platform that makes it easier for the providers in the sector to get in contact with each other. By registering with the platform, users are able to optimise their business networks and interact with other users. We place our commitment to transparency regarding the data collected about you at the heart of our platform, as well as the way it is used and the entities with which we share that data.

Protecting your privacy is important. As ‘Data Controller’, Crewbooking aims to process and protect your personal data with care and in line both with national and international requirements, in particular now with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from the European Parliament and the Council dated 27th April 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, repealing directive 95/46/EC and the Belgian Act of 30th July 2018 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

This Privacy Policy sets out why and how we process your personal data – i.e. why we collect, record, use and store this data when our website is used and how we inform you about your rights as a user of the site. The Policy applies as soon as you make use of our site. So please read this Privacy Policy carefully, because it features your rights about the use of the site.

We offer our users a choice about the data we collect, use and share, as set out by this Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy.

2. Who are we?

The site, - i.e. Crewbooking SRL, RLE / VAT BE 678.371.082, 14 Rue de Sart, 1457 Walhain – Belgium. We are a social network and an online platform for professionals in the cultural and creative sector. The service provided by Crewbooking consists solely of providing an online platform that enables registered users to work actively or passively to find work opportunities, to connect with others and to find sources of information. Our registered users share their professional identity, communicate with their network, exchange information and professional points of view, post and view content, learn and develop skills and find commercial opportunities and ways of advancing their career. As ‘Data Controller’, Crewbooking processes the personal data of the users of the site’s services.

3. Application of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to the site. It cannot be applied to other sites, online or not, or to other products or services. This Privacy Policy and the choices that you make on the site do not necessarily apply to personal information that you have supplied us with in the context of other, separate, products or services. By accessing the site, you agree to your information being recorded and to the terms of use detailed in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may be revised or updated regularly and we advise you to review it regularly.

4. The platform

Our platform enables you to make contacts with other people, to find work opportunities in an active or passive manner, to keep you informed and help you to be more productive. The platform enables you to stay in contact with your fellow users, partners and other professionals, as well as to stay up to date with their news. To do that, you can connect with the professionals of your choice, if they agree. When you enter into contact with other users, you can each search the other’s contact to exchange work opportunities, based on your own preferences and on theirs.

We may use data about you (such as your profile, the profiles that you have viewed or the integration of partners) in order to help other people find your profile, suggest contacts for you and for other users, and to enable you to invite other persons to become users and to connect with you. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to invite a person to join our platform, send out a contact request or agree to another user connecting with you. You can choose whether to share your own list of contacts or not with the people with whom you are in contact.

Users can choose between several options regarding the use of your data.

5. Collecting your personal information

We will ask you for information when we need data that will allow us to identify you personally (personal data) or for the purpose of contacting you. The items of personal data that we collect may include your name, gender, nationality, name of your company or organisation, your e-mail address, your telephone number, your business or personal postal address, information about the position you occupy or your company, about your skills, about your education or qualifications, about your availability, about the languages you speak and whether you have a subscription, payment information (such as your bank card) and billing details.
In certain more individual cases linked to specific statuses, such as Intermittent, Independent or Self-Employed, we also collect other items of personal data. This data may include your place of birth, identity card number, social security number, whether you are resting from performing and GUSO, as well as the status of being self-employed. The information requested may vary, depending on your country of residence.

You provide us with your details in order to create an account on our platform, as well as for your profile or, if you indicate it, we will publish it or download it to our site, for example when you complete a form. We also record the items you view and your use of our platform. Crewbooking may also gather information about your visit, including the name of your Internet access provider and the IP address you use to access the Internet, the date and time of accessing the site, the pages you access on the site and the URL of the site from which you arrived at our site. This information is intended for analysing trends and for administering and enhancing our site.

Our use of your personal data depends on the functionalities you use, they way in which you use them and the options defined in your preferences. We use the data that we hold about you to provide and personalise our services, in particular using automated systems and our own deductions, so that the site is more relevant and useful for you and for others.

As our services are dynamic, we are able to offer new functionalities that may require us to collect new information. If we have to collect personal data of a substantially different nature or if we significantly have to modify the way we collect, use or share your data, we would notify you of this and also make changes to this Privacy Policy.

6. Collecting third-party data

Other parties may publish or write content about you. It is possible that you and third parties publish content that includes information about you (in the context of articles, posts or comments) on our platform.

We may also receive data from partners when you get in contact with other users, such as employers or potential employers.

Crewbooking also processes public data. This might be data subject to a publication obligation, such as the publication of your appointment as a director of a company registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises or any other public register, or data that you have yourself made public, such as information posted on your website or on LinkedIn, or data that is generally known in your region or which has appeared in the press, or data that might be found on Graydon, for example.

7. Sharing information

Your profile is visible in its entirety to all of the users of our platform, unless specified to the contrary in the settings for your profile. Your preferences, the degree of relationship with a user viewing your profile, their subscriptions, their use of the platform, the access channels and types of search all have an impact on the availability of your profile and on the ability of a user to see certain fields in your profile. Our platform enables the posting and sharing of information on the platform. Depending on your preferences, when you use the functionalities, certain items of your data may be made available to your (potential) employer, or be connected to information that we receive from your employer to activate these functionalities.

8. Using your personal data

The personal information collected on the site is used to enable it to operate properly and to allow us to provide the service or complete the action and/or transaction that you have requested or authorised. Your personal data is used to enable you to appear in the results of searches for workers made by potential employers. It may also be used to facilitate the administrative work of employers by gathering together a set of user data as part of summary tables and business planning tools.

The employers registered on the platform may ask to have access to your personal data with regard to your availability. If you have given your permission, the employer may view the days and times when you are unavailable. Under no circumstances will they see the content of instances when you are unavailable. You can at any time revoke an employer’s access to this type of personal data from the Site, once connected.

In the context of this usage, this Site may use personal data with the aim of providing you with a more efficient customer service, to improve the Site and any other product or service on the Site and to make it easier for you to browse the Site without having to enter the same information on multiple occasions or by adjusting the Site to your preferences or interests. In order to provide you with a consistent environment in your interactions with our Site, the information collected may be used in combination with information collected by other services on our Site.

We may also use your personal data to send you important information about the product or service you are using. We may send direct marketing direct to existing customers based on our legitimate interests in order to ensure that the Site is operating properly. Prior to sending direct marketing, explicit authorisation will always be requested. This consent may be withdrawn at any time, without providing a reason and at no cost to you.

We may send you regular e-mails to notify you about technical service or security issues associated with a product or service that you have requested, or acknowledge receipt of a request for a product or service. For some of the services provided on our Site, contact with the customer is an essential element of the service. You may not cancel your subscription to these publi-postings because they are an integral part of the service you have chosen.

When you subscribe to an information bulletin or state that you wish to receive electronic advertising messages, our Site may use personalised links or other similar technologies to track the links on which you click in the electronic messages.

9. Protecting the personal data of children

Our platform does not voluntarily collect personal information about children.

10. Transferring personal data to third parties and addressees

All personal information and data collected is the property of the Site and will only be used in compliance with the principles and terms stated in this Privacy Policy. Unless stated otherwise in the Policy, the personal data that you provided on the Site will not be passed on outside our subsidiaries and partners without your authorisation, except if it is required to fulfil the purposes detailed above.

Our Site sometimes uses other companies to provide certain services on its behalf. This may include the hosting of websites, the platform for administering subscriptions and their payment, answering questions asked by a customer about products or services, or for sending out information about our products, special offers or other new services, or about third-party service providers in general (such as lawyers, auditors, etc.) insofar as this is necessary for the professional services in question and/or if it is obliged to do so based on a statutory provision or court ruling. The Site may also – always with your authorisation – pass on to its partners the personal data required to provide the customer with additional facilities and services. We only pass on to those businesses the personal information required for their service. These companies are required to respect the confidentiality of this information and may not under any circumstances use it for any other purpose.

We will not sell, lease, distribute or make your personal data commercial available to third parties, except as described in this Privacy Policy.

It is possible that we may disclose information about you when we are required to do so by law, in the event of an injunction or any other judicial measure, or if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary for (1) investigating established or suspected illegal activities, preventing such activities or taking measures about them, or assisting judicial institutions; (2) respecting our contracts with you; (3) enquiring about allegations and complaints from third parties, and defending ourselves; (4) guaranteeing the security or integrity of our platform; or (5) exercising or protecting the rights and security of our platform, our users, our staff or third parties. If we deem it opportune, we will warn users who are the subject of a legal request for us to pass on their personal data, except if there is an emergency situation or if the law or a court order forbids it. We may dispute such requests if we are of the opinion, at our discretion, that they are excessive, vague or not duly authorised, but we do not commit ourselves to calling them all into question.

At the present time, we do not share personal data with third parties for direct marketing purposes without your authorisation.

Crewbooking may transfer your personal data outside the European Economic Area in order to process the data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If data is transferred outside the European Economic Area to a country that does not offer an appropriate level of protection, we guarantee that that country will take every measure to protect your personal data, including implementing contract provisions offering sufficient guarantees for the protection of the data being transferred internationally.

The personal information collected on the Site may be stored and used in European countries or in any other country by its subsidiaries, partners or agents present in them. By using the platform, you consent to such transfers of your personal information outside your country. We retain the personal information collected for a period of 1 year and will ask for your consent as to its use each year.

11. Legal grounds for the processing

We will only collect and process personal data about you for which we have legal grounds. These legal grounds include your consent (when you have given your consent), the contract (when the processing of data is required for the performance of a contract with you, for example to provide you with the services from the Platform that you have requested) and “legitimate interests”. The contract comes into being when you expressly accept our conditions of sale.

In instances when the processing of your personal data is subject to your consent, you have the right not to grant your consent or to withdraw it at any time; where the processing of your personal data is subject to legitimate interests, you have the right to object.

12. Cookies

Cookies are used on this Site to ensure the integrity of the subscription process and to personalise the Site. A cookie is a small text file placed on your hard drive by a Webpages server. It may not be used to implement programs or to infect your computer with viruses. The cookies are sent exclusively to you and can only be read by Web servers belonging to the server that delivered the cookie to you.

One of the main practical functions of cookies is to save you time. For example, if you personalise a Webpage, or browse through a site, the cookie will help the site to find your specific information when you visit the site afterwards. In particular, this will make it possible to simplify the process of delivering content of interest to you and help you to navigate the site. When you return to the site, the information that you provided previously will be reused to enable you to use the functions of the site that you have personalised more easily.

We may also use invisible pixels, also known by the name of invisible GIF, to assist with the placement of the cookie. We use this technology as a tool for compiling statistics relative to the use of our Site. These statistics include the number of visitors who have clicked on the key elements (for example on links or graphics) of a Webpage, a Web journal page or an information bulletin on our Site. We are likely to share the statistics compiled with other partner companies, but we do not authorise other companies to place .GIF images or cookies on our sites, except in the event of temporary special interest for our customers (for example by integrating a service from a site based on third-party cookies tiers or clear .GIFs).

You can accept or refuse cookies. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser settings to refuse cookies access to your computer, if you wish. If you opt to refuse cookies, you risk not being able to make full use of the interactive functions on this site or other Websites that you visit.

13. Rights for guaranteeing the protection of your personal data

13.1. Control over your personal data

We offer numerous options for collecting, using and sharing your data. You can delete or amend the data included in your profile, manage the visibility of your communications or control them. You are able to control and manage the personal data that we hold about you by way of your preferences indicated.

13.2. Right of access, rectification, deletion and objection

You have the right to access, rectify, delete or object with regard to your personal data.

If you provide us with proof of your identity, we will happily tell you about the personal data that we hold with regard to you and what it is we do with that information. At your request, we will provide you with a summary that is as exhaustive as possible about the personal data we hold in relation to you. You can obtain a copy of the personal data that is collected.

You have the right at all times, at no cost to you, to rectify or delete personal data that is incorrect, incomplete, inappropriate or out of date. If your data is processed based on a legitimate interest, you have the right to object for reasons associated with your specific situation.

If your data is inaccurate and you have asked for it to be amended, or if you believe that we are processing your personal data illegally, you can ask for the processing of that data to be limited. This means that we can only continue to process your personal data with your consent. We can continue to store your personal data, but we cannot use it for the purpose of subsequent processing without your consent, except in the context of legal proceedings or for overriding reasons of general interest. It must be understood that the provision of certain services will become impossible if you refuse processing.

We undertake to respond to your request within a period of 15 working days. To do this, you can send your written request to this postal address: 14 Rue de Sart, 1457 Walhain – Belgium, or by e-mail to info<at> You can also exercise this right via or through your personal space, after identifying yourself.

13.3. Right to be forgotten

You have the right to obtain the deletion of your personal data in the following cases:

  • when we no longer require your personal data for the intended purposes;
  • when you withdraw your consent relating to the processing of your personal data and that no other legal grounds authorise the processing of your personal data;
  • if you have lodged a legal complaint against the processing of your personal data;
  • if your personal data is processed illegally;
  • if we are required to delete your personal data on the grounds of a legal obligation.

However, this right is not absolute, because in some cases, processing is necessary for the purpose of exercising the right to express oneself freely, to bring or support legal proceedings, to comply with legal obligations or missions of general interest, public health, archiving of general interest, scientific, statistical or historical study.

13.4. Requesting the transfer of your personal data to a third party

If you wish, you can ask for the data that you have provided us with to be transferred to you or to a third party, in a structured and current digital format. However, the Regulations provide for certain restrictions in relation to this right, such that it is not applicable in all cases. It is therefore appropriate to examine each situation on a case-by-case basis.

13.5. Right of withdrawal

You may withdraw your consent. If your personal data is being processed based on your consent, you may withdraw that consent at any time. We will then delete your personal data.

14. Duration of processing

We usually retain your personal data for as long as your account remains open or for as long as we need the data to be able to provide you with services. This includes data that you or third parties have provided to us, as well as data generated or deduced based on your use of the platform. The need to retain data may change according to the type of data, as well as according to the purpose of the processing. As a result, the retention periods may vary considerably, without prejudice to legal, regulatory or contractual provisions, or periods imposing or requiring the retention of data for an extended period of time.

Even if you only use the platform to look for a new job on an occasional basis, we will retain your information and keep your profile open, unless you close your account. In certain cases, we will retain information (such as details about use of the platform) in a depersonalised or aggregated way. If your data is no longer needed and we are no longer subject to any legal obligation to retain it, we will delete it permanently or, if that is not possible, we will anonymise it in our systems.

The information that you have shared with third parties (such as chats, news or posts in groups) will still be visible after the closure of your account or the deletion of the data in your profile or your mailbox. We do not monitor the data that other users may have copied outside our platform. Content and group ratings or the content of comments associated with a closed account will be given the source of “Unknown user”. Your profile may continue to appear on third-party services (such as search engine results) until their cache is updated.

15. Security of your personal data

We rigorously guarantee the security of your personal data. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to ensure the protection of your personal data and to avoid it being viewed, used or disclosed without authorisation. For example, we store the data that you provide us with on servers to which there is limited access and which are located in monitored secure facilities. In addition, when we send sensitive confidential data over the Internet (such as a credit card number, for example), this information is protected by an encryption system such as the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol or any other techniques that enable this information to be encrypted.

16. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We occasionally update this Privacy Policy. When we do, we also amend the date of the “last update” shown at the top of the Privacy Policy. If substantial modifications are made to this statement, we will notify you accordingly by placing a notice that is visible on the homepage of the website or by sending you notification directly. We encourage you to view this Privacy Policy regularly so that you remain informed of how we help to protect the personal information that we collect. The ongoing use of this service constitutes your agreement with this Privacy Policy and its updates.

17. Contacts – details

We welcome any comments you may have about this Privacy Policy. If you are of the opinion that our Site has not respected this Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail or through the post to the addresses shown on the General terms and Conditions of Use:

Crewbooking SRL Rue de Sart 14 à 1457 Walhain, Belgium, RLE / VAT BE 678.371.082, e-mail: info<at>

We will use all reasonable means to determine the problem and remedy it quickly.

If you wish to exercise one or more of your rights, please contact us, specifying clearly which right you wish to exercise.

Also, if you believe that we are not respecting your rights, you can lodge a complaint at any time with the Belgian Data Protection Authority.

Belgian Data Protection Authority, Rue de la Presse, 35 - 1000 Brussels, e-mail: contact<at> Tél. : +32 22744800 Fax : +32 22744835

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